June 23 Update on Covid-19 and Return to Play.

While baseball diamonds are now open in Ottawa for use by groups of up to 10 people, including sports teams, the province has not yet lifted the restrictions on games. We can now hope that the restrictions are lifted in time for a return to play games sometime in July.

Baseball Ontario has prepared "return to play" guidelines which we must follow in order for the city to grant us our permits. The NCBL executive has approved the adoption of these guidelines as well as a 2 page "highlights" sheet and a 1 page Covid19 self assessment questionnaire. 

These are as follows:

- NCBL Return to Play Highlights (click here)
- NCBL Self Assessment Questionnaire (click here)
- Baseball Ontario Guidelines in full  (click here)

Baseball Ontario's insurance requires each participant to sign 3 separate Waivers. Our insurance will only be valid for individuals who have signed all 3 waivers.  Registration information is also required for each participant through the Google link below.

- NCBL Waiver (click here)
- Baseball Ontario Covid19 Waiver (click here)
- Covid19 Declaration of Compliance (click here
- Google Link for Registration Information. (click here)

You can email scanned copies of signed waivers to : waivers@ncbl.ca
Questions or concerns can be emailed to : registrar@ncbl.ca

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